Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dalten 6 month check-up!

Well Dalten went in today with a smile on his face ready for his 6 months checkup and came out pissed off cause they gave him 3 shots in the legs and he was not to happy about that! As we was there and Dr. Jaeger was checking him over Mr. I can do what ever I want decided to show off for her, he was crawling to her and then decided to use her to pull him self up! She informed me that he can start walking at 9 months.... I was like OH NO! Then she said but he might not he might want to crawl around for awhile, then he keep pulling himself up to the desk and she said well maybe not....LOL I swear this kid is growing up to fast! But the doc. said he doing fine and he is a healthy growing boy! Next checkup is 9months!


Anonymous said...

Dang it, they grow up way too fast. Thanks for the address for this blog again. I'd lost it! Love seeing the Hagan boys. So dang handsome!

The GI Vrbi